Crying at Weddings

Bachelor Setup...

I cry at weddings. I don’t need to know the couple. I just find the whole thing so romantic. My mind begins to wander and I become overwhelmed.

You know the sociologists are fretting over the differential emerging between various income groups and their likelihood that they will marry. More money is predictive of taking the nuptials.

I’ve also cried when I look at my bank account. I’ve been overwhelmed now and again in my life. You know the cupboard is bare.

So, like the whole magic as misdirection thing goes, where we divert our audience’s attention from one thing to this other thing we want them to see why the other thing we don’t want them to see we keep hidden. Now free to manipulate the thing that is out of our audience’s eyes we can take advantage of the thing not on everyone’s mind.

This situation seems to have flushed the desperado’s out from beneath their rocks.

Shock of shocks: people who don’t have any money and don’t have a job do not marry. They do tend to have sex (hey, it is something to do while waiting for a job) as this tendency seems to dominate no matter the marital status and these conjugal improvisations tend to produce pregnancies.

I think the deal is this. You want good outcomes you need good inputs. You need jobs. You need good jobs that come with good benefits. They should pay well. You take that well paid worker and put some money in his pocket send him out on a date and nature will take its course.

Isn’t it amazing how far and wide a truly huge financial crisis can reach? The numbers of unemployed, the wealth destroyed, the length of time it takes to recover, its like going to a wedding.

I’ve learned that I not only cry at weddings, but I seem to be prone to crying during a financial crisis too. I know I’m such the romantic.


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