Fill in the Blanks




After drafting a new chapter I return to the previous three. I’m keeping a sharp lookout for a drop off in energy. It may come from going too long on a topic not central to the plot. I have something like sixteen separate scenes in the four chapters. So, I will break up the scenes in each chapter and then review. Hardest of all is that the writer attaches to a sentence that is just too good to do without even though the other sentence it is next to has already done the job. An awful lot of writing is not about writing at all. It is crucial to contents mission that its form is devised with as much care. The thoughtful writer makes the effort during the drafting of the novel so that the reader might not be burdened with having to do any of the authors work for him.



Gretel bucked up and smiled. “I’m going to see what I can see,”

“Not going to get any answers down at this end of the bar.”

She started to cross the room. She stopped turned to Keefe. Gretel unfastened one more button down her blouse, “Most of the time they’ll do the trick.”

“Can’t hurt,” Keefe said regarding her low cut blouse, “gives a man some hope,”

“Does it now?”

“They make a man feel the world is a better place, like blue sky, warm day, being with your two best friends…”

Gretel looked down to check how she appeared, “Great, now they’re a weather forecast.”


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