So How Come YOU Know So Much?

“The airline industry has spent untold millions on quieter airplanes and noise mitigation around airports. Telecoms lose money on the copper wire landlines maintained to comply with universal-service requirements. If corporations want to dance in the discothèque, there’s a cover charge called the public good.”

Rumble Seat, Dan Neil (My Favorite Auto Feature Writer)

May 11, 2013Wall Street Journal

Marilyn for web


So where do you go for fun?

We have this love/hate relationship with literary sexuality. Like for example not all of what we find in the commons is suited to all our tastes. Some is too risqué, some too burdened with a genders point of view, some is too sappy and some too blunt, and some not revealing enough of the human condition to be worth the read. It ranges from dull to obscene, wild to pedestrian, straight to gay, and that’s just the short list. I am interested in the human condition. It includes who a person loves, and how that is expressed. I’m interested in sharing elements of a person’s life that illuminates a reader’s self-knowledge. I’m trying to invoke identification and seeking to ease a person’s sense of alienation, especially in a culture where for reasons paradoxically- hard to explain and easy to understand- many of us end up not at all sure whether we’re having the same rewarding experience others seem to be having. Writing long fiction that doesn’t include all the messy stuff we all know as life is hardly worth the trouble of writing at all and nearly worthless to bother reading once completed. And so kisses and squeezes, first dates, and hitting the sack with someone for the first time, the last time, or for a wild time are all pieces we use to build what we know as a human life. And dare I say that a writer needs to handle the sex with an expertise that rivals the virtuosity of an Italian artisan who has an appointment with a customer who has come to be fit for their leather brassier…


“You’d think it would be easy for us to find a man brave enough to have the courage to love a woman with his whole heart.” Bunny added.

Faith came around the fire and bent down right in Fletcher’s face. “But, so long as we’re giving you privileges we don’t get out and try and do anything about it.”

“Worse than that, when we do try another man, he’s got no imagination. Sad truth is a good man just isn’t rotten enough for us.” Sharlene said.

“He’s ruined us all.” Jolene said.

“Bachelor scared of his own shadow,” Sharlene said, “makes love like the executioner’s waiting for him at sunrise, and we’re his last meal.”

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