Working the Script


A breakthrough day. But, then only as far as knowing where I want to go. That doesn’t matter as much as memorizing and then testing the material in front of an audience to be sure they’ll go with me.

“A reviewer explained what she liked most about my latest book. She said it was all the funny sex…”

So, writing a novel is like like letting  your fingers get off on tapping little keys on a keyboard…”

Is that a funny idea? Maybe…

What really got clear today was the outline of the opening 20 minutes backbone, the story, the narrative.

I want to seduce my audience into the realm of thinking with me about relationships. Not to be too ambitious but I want them to think about how that might look like over a lifetime.

I think I’ve found enough places in that plan to punch out enough material to engage and pull them in.

I’ve got some good lines out of the first 10 minutes I’ve worked on, but have cut about 5 minutes and have come up with another 10 minutes.

I’ve got another 5 to come up with, plus I need to test the material, naturally I’ll lose some, then add another chunk, and do this for another 6 weeks and I should have a good script that I can then punch up to a fine polish.

The important piece is having the right structure. Still not quite ready to memorize, but close. I had hoped by this weekend I might but there are still too many lines that need to be honed further.

It isn’t prose, it isn’t poetry, it is the text of a comic who does a variety act. Sometimes there are jokes but more important is that I am taking the audience with me along on a journey.

And one last clue. The audience wants a journey they can believe in. Everyone has their style. My style is soul and kindness. If I go too negative, too edgy, my audience won’t buy that kind of act from me. It doesn’t ring true to their ear and doesn’t match what they see with their eye.

“Now, how does the world’s greatest lover stay on top of his game? By asking his partner to lie down on the bed first…”

It’s Saturday Night in Riviera Maya!

Hot Spring Honeymoon
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