How Workers Deserve Less

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In the world that I come from workers who are members of unions have some chance of negotiating a better deal with their employers.

In another world I come from I have noticed that income inequality has gotten much worse in the last forty years.

Yes, I would like to restrain the financial sector from becoming too strong. I would feel the same way if the union workers were so mighty they began taking too much for themselves.

But, that isn’t what we have happening in the world that I live in. What we have is a much diminished union movement. While executive pay continues to climb union pay continues to remain flat.

Sad day in our world when Wisconsin’s Republican legislature passes union busting legislation for the benefit of the few and for the detriment of the many.

I am a regular reader of various economic blogs and nowhere in any that I read does it suggest that this kind of legislation has any economic benefit. As economic policy it is a zero.

It is a a political action. Wisconsin’s voters need to wake up. These are your neighbors, these are your friends and customers. Stand up and reject this partisan attack on the good workers of your state.

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