The Weak and Wicked


          This is What Telling the Truth to Citizens Looks Like
                  Gilroy Garlic Festival Performance by Author

Good morning from Emeryville. Here on the frontier near the wilds of Berkeley a flying piece of feces has been spied being thrown. A good stinking rotten pile of crap.

It is Jeb Bush’s tax cut talk time peeps. Trot that old horse out and lets have another look. Repeat after me now so you do not become a feces throwing moron. Tax cuts mean spending cuts. Got it? I repeat for our taxes to go down so does everything else connected with the federal budget.

Next up in our hall of stinking smelly slight of hand is a fervent belief in keeping America strong. So service cuts mean cuts to all services but one. Have you fear mongers, former skinny dippers, newly minted hipsters figured out what it is they are coming for? Military spending up and everything else must go down.

Here are the men who have dedicated their lives to increasing inequality in America. Glenn Hubbard of Columbia University, Martin Feldstein of of Harvard, John Cogan of Stanford and Kevin Warsh of the Hoover Institute. They are the men who cooked up Bush’s tax cuts.

From here on the westernmost edge of the worlds experiment in democracy our conservative partners wish to hog the meaning of prosperity. I’d define it as an economy that spreads the profits more broadly among its citizens. This prison of quarterly profits and mindless growth must be harnessed to a more mindful development of our country.

How we have ended up with these men of dubious social sensitivities holding chairs at major universities can be explained by the tyranny of capitalism. They were put there because they sang the elite’s tune.

Our inequality problem in this country, our collapsing middle class, the stagnation of our wages can all be attributed to the policies these men devised. This is their priority and it is a narrow and dangerous focus they have.

We really must tackle climate change. We really have to deal with inequality. A robust network of women’s health care centers needs to be funded. Women need to have access to the tools for family planning.

Providing a few more billions for our super wealthy to play financial games does not answer the urgent call that humanity must answer. These one trick pony’s, these one hit wonders, these small minded men need to be washed away by the rising tide of reality.

Donald Trump is wrong when he claims America does not have victories anymore. The wealthiest among us have had all of the victories. This new era upon us is a time to embark upon a shared prosperity, an era that lifts all boats.

These men mean to do no such thing. What hollow shrunken dreams they wish to foist upon us all.


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8 years ago

Amazing how garlic helps in the removal of built up feces. It cleans the blood of impurities and voilà! Out of the dung heap comes mindfulness of the shape we are in as the street in a juggler works it’s sensible vision in the ” It just doesn’t smell right ” category. Well done