Climate Change Popularity


Climate change is not a popular topic. Fantasy football is.

What does a world do when what the world has to do is not popular?

OK, let’s get this right. A thirteen year old and his eleven year old brother treat Fantasy Football as popular entertainment appropriate for adults and children alike.

Climate change action is for dweebs and losers. Besides haven’t you heard? There’s nothing to do. We can’t change anything. Even if we wanted to the Republican’s in the House of Representative’s wouldn’t stand for it. Not one red hot second.

What is on the mind of voters? Income inequality, taxes, birth control, voting rights, less regulation, free trade, traffic congestion, lousy schools, gun control, immigration, breaking up the Big Banks… please… a good job for good pay, not too long a commute, weekends off and for many a chance to play Fantasy Football.

Even if the science is in, even if our policy advisors insist that climate change is coming at us like Osama Bin Laden “you covered your ass now you can go…”

Action is in short supply. Too many care too little about the rise in sea levels. Too bad about those monster hurricanes you might consider moving. Getting a little too hot, snowpack a little too thin? Try surfing instead.

I am not a trained behavioral psychologist. Not a climate scientist. I am an entertainer. I am an author. What I do have some experience with is my own penchant for doing nothing, for losing focus, inappropriately choosing sloth over activity.

We are in desperate need of leadership that can awaken us to the challenge. If we can awaken a nation to the challenge of going to the moon, and if that is one of the best things we’ve ever done, we must be capable of doing as good if not even better work. We can’t imagine a world that isn’t capable of doing amazing things.

Who can bring that voice and vision to people the world over? We are hitting a wall, flat lining… we’re desperately in need of finding humanities pulse and getting mankind’s heart beating again.

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