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Thanks for surfing on over to my site. I am trying to make my address more lively, more dynamic. I am best known for my work as an entertainer, as a street act, a busker. I’ve also a few books that I’ve written and you can find my work online at Amazon’s bookstore.

I remain on stage and will appear at Harvey Milk Elementary School in San Francisco in April. That’s a weekend appearance and the public is invited.

I have a fourth novel that has bedeviled my best efforts to make whole. The project is years in process and has had to take its place on a shelf while I clear my mind and imagination. I simply could not afford to lock up on this manuscript. I hope to turn my attention back to the manuscript after giving the work some space and time.

I have turned my attention to writing about my work as a street performer. After I have a few more pieces written and I get a better grip on where I want this work to go I’ll have more. As for now I have a good telling of what it is like to perform a thirty minute street show thousands of times. Another describes the logistics of mounting a grassroots tour across North America. In another I discuss some of the great street performers that have gone onto Broadway, television and feature films. I’ve a long list of topics I want to add to this collection. It is now at the top of my list of work that I would like to complete.

I have also been kicking around the idea of writing the World Emergency Full Catastrophe Climate Change Comedy Show. So, there is that and I mean how funny can that show be?

There you go..

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