A Good Old Unreliable Source Told Me


Burned Out and Then Some

A good old reliable unidentified source has been in touch. We have a drop off point. The canister of film, the audio tape, the furtive glance and the high dungeon trench coat have all gone the way of the snub nose 38.

I had my heart set on back alley rendezvouses, maybe an adult beverage spiked with an amnesiac, truth serum, maybe get lucky and make it a red sparrow and a aphrodisiac. If you are going to learn something top secret can’t it include a tryst that may never see the light of day?

I have long believed the Evangelical Christians political operatives to be Trumper’s in orthodoxy’s clothing. Ceding the faux moral high ground for Realpolitik’s is numbingly predictable. Machiavelli would be dispirited by the lame use of such fleshy fixations.

Still as far as conspiracy theory can be expected to carry the water pinning your hopes upon the demon Federal Bureau of Investigation takes some truly huge oversized prostates. But, the dour and gleeful-less Devin (I’m going back to Fresno to return to farming) Nunes shopping his now famously fictionalized memo in this climate where overexposure to all of the worlds demons is sinking fake scandals hopes faster than a first class bathysphere.

Having been Benghazi-d senseless our populace is exhibiting some erectile outrage dysfunction- and it’s showing up in the Gallup Polls. We are all exhausted by the sheer banality of the rottenness. We need someone like Lenny Bruce to go selling monkeys door to door for a day job then hit the boards and the clubs in the evening to put a fine edge upon the absurdity of the moment our lives hang by a thread upon. That’s the hope.

Senator Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley, and Ted Cruz as hard as they may try are not useful tools. They are misguided, miserable people, but they are not more than liars and half-hearted types. Our current crops gone bust. They lack the knack for sticking the deceit all the way in until democracy is threatened. Flirting with treasonous behavior is all the fashion where once lines were more sharply drawn and those anti-American activities were far easier to discern from mere querulous contempt for bad policy.

So, we send our Treasury Secretary go to Davos to tank the dollar and start a currency war. It’s hard to believe how bloviating has so thoroughly fallen out of fashion. Even a whoopee cushion hardly earns a second look. It is disappointing to so many of us out here in the provinces suffering through all the tedious and dull hype our conspirators and conspiracies have had to endure. But, lacking credibility can do that. Once you can’t believe a single thing you hear or see there is just nothing else to do than go fish naked-buy some recreational cannabis product- or perhaps brush up the old resume and go run for office.  Times are tough all over.

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