3/10/18 WeakEnding Comedy Show Notes

Free Library Offering in Walk Across Berkeley…

Speaking about the World Emergency Full Catastrophe Climate Change Comedy Show I took in a Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy podcast thinking I should know more about the corner ‘homo-subject-us’ is in. In keeping with the working title of my project the energy podcast covered everything but the comedy show portion of the program. And in my particular application if there’s no comedy there’s no program.

I happened upon this island of ecological responsibility. You can get your biodiesel fill-up, beekeeping supplies and chicken scratch all in one oddly only in Berkeley convenience store stop. My favorite item—the ladybug lures… got to have some of those!

Lady Bug Lures
Biodiesel and Biodiversity just down the corner

I stopped in at the local and aptly named Choose Love Marijuana Dispensary on Shattuck Avenue to see what I’d been missing. I could pick up some Blackout, True Humboldt or dose specific Himalayan Mountain Thunder if I so desired. By my reckoning they’re doing some serious business at this location.

Stopped at the Berkeley Bowl for sweetened soy milk, pumpkin purée, frozen cranberries,  pitted dates, pumpkin pie spice, and turmeric root. Blend ingredients, pour in a glass and drink. Also, I found some Jamaican grown  hibiscus tea in the bulk bins for a fraction of what they were charging over in the packaged tea isle. This is what we do in California.

If you explore here you’ll find material related to both my shows and novels. Take a look if you have a few… and last of all remember…

Don’t be a stranger. Come on back. I’ll be here

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