March 26, 2018 Monday Night Fool Stall

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea Brewed Overnight in Jar in Refrigerator

What you do when neighbor has a lemon tree

Good morning from the Arts District in downtown LA. Banged out four sets over the weekend up in Oakland. My rapier wit was slick as scratch made hot cakes.

I asked a boy in my show what he wanted to be when he grows up? He said he didn’t want to grow up because he couldn’t afford the housing prices. Smart kid.

Missed marching with the young and smarter than we ever were this weekend. I had booked the gig months ago. “You play the hand you are dealt.” My agent  Morty Rabinowitz? That’s what he tells me.

march2010b 007

This is go-to-Arizona-later-this-week week

More like a shortened work week if you like me are suffering from the undiagnosed quitter syndrome. Between now and then I’m wrestling with the metaphysics of showmanship. This is a quaint non-cannabis induced exploration the intangible ghosts released by performers playing with soulful spirits.

Don’t forget to drink more hibiscus tea, the antioxidant of antioxidants, the stuff of legends, the best of the best and the why didn’t I know this piece of beverage wisdom already? Because you don’t spend enough time with here with Dana.

As ever buy a book, book a show, and most of all come on back for a visit. Don’t be a stranger

Edited Red Star



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