Wine Casting fun

Method Tradionalelle Candidates

Do you know Helen? I’ve been to her pod, been to her LA hole in the wall gem box bottle shop on Fairfax, I mean I feel like I know Helen. Helen was the wine merchant that first introduced me to the slang phrase, “dope-ass.”

Self-isolating here in Northern California I called my daughter. Circumstances in Seattle are no better. Batting ideas back and forth, how could we share an experience?

Movable Feast ala Pet Nat

“Maybe we could buy the same bottle of wine. That would be step one. Step two is opening the wine. Open and taste the wine while on Facetime, Skype, Zoom, whatever you got, we can do this. If you know what you are doing it isn’t too difficult to cast your call onto your flatscreen television. Like that I am in her living room and she’s in mine.

Ian is her super special guy and Eileen is my super special wife. The four of us can open the same bottle of wine and we can do what we’ve always done. We can taste and talk about the wine we’re enjoying.

Ship Wine Literally

Let’s circle back to my dope-ass wine merchant Helen. Up in Seattle there is a pop-up event. Juice Club, it’s an Instagram driven gathering of likeminded natural wine fans. The Club stages gatherings where they serve tapas with natural wine. Spontaneous, oh so Capital Hill, hipster heaven, definitive focus are the digitally bearded and flannel shirted feminine hard scrabble types. Slacker dudedum is a Port Townsend fallback position if the gig you’ve been gunning for vaporizes there on the Paris by the Puget Sound.

We Have the Winners Here

Helen’s is top of the list for mail order. Ordinaire in the Grand Lake District of Oakland another. Both have extensive natural wine inventories. Helen had two bottles we were interested in trying.

Eileen and I shower, put on some of our favorite clothes get all setup in the living room dial up the kid like that we can go virtual winetasting.

Our immune systems need space, but our social genes need wide screen spectacular opportunities.

Wine should arrive this week. We’re looking forward to the date.

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jennie madrigal
jennie madrigal
3 years ago


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3 years ago

Wooo! My new favorite natural wine cheerleader. Can’t wait to drink some dope ass natural wine soon!