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Women of the Oak Savannahs is the title of my fourth novel. I am doing some recording work of the manuscript. Here is one paragraph.

I’ve recorded various pieces to previous novels. I’m still messing around trying to get the first chapter finished. A lot of time is getting taken up with learning how to use the software recording and editing functions.

Then this is a novel with a sizable cast of characters, many are women, so the degree of the challenge is substantial. I noted that the first chapter is 20 pages long and times out in length of nearly 30 minutes when read aloud.

Voice recording a manuscript is fun and is also hard work. I’ve discovered a few words no matter how I try still come out of my mouth wrong. Try saying “Jo’s peremptory laugh…” it turns out I can’t do it. Who knew?

So enough I’ll have a few chapters completed. I’m hoping some folks who don’t read much might enjoy listening.

I’m putting this short piece here to figure things out, how to upload, so on and so forth. If you can listen great, if you run into a problem of some sort let me know.


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