‘Electile’ dysfunction

Sacred Rights

Electile Dysfunction seems to have been creeping back into our election system. Chief Justice Roberts and his band of merry curmudgeons gutting of the Voting Rights Act and then their naked partisan decision in Citizens United have set the table for the fat authoritarian orange monster to wage his dictator takeover America for his buddy Putin plan. All this for one measly tower in Moscow. Selling your country out comes on the cheap.

Electile Dysfunction has many symptoms you are all familiar with. One of the most telling signs of political illness is the, both sides are the same canard. “Bothsiderism,” infects the deepest inner most sanctums of the journalists seeking to maintain access to the politicians they are paid to cover. No access and no pay.

The Once Well Oiled Empire

So how does this look? Well, start with Benghazi. Four Americans from the embassy in Libya were killed and the Republicans went into full dungeon blaming Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice. There you go one side, but we need one more side so we can have some good old “bothsiderism.”

Next comes the death of 200,000 victims from the Covid-19 virus. One side spewing venom and a pox on all your houses over four dead in Libya while that same side has not uttered one word about the President’s bungling of the global pandemic and the preventable death of TWO-FUCKING-HUNDRED-THOUSAND-CITIZENS-OF-THE-UNITED-STATES-OF-AMERICA.


I have a special place in hell all picked out for “single issue voters.” There are a lot of these misfits in our midst. Guns, abortion, immigration and anti-tax types are four of the most popular single issues. Other most popular issues include Caucasians advocating for White Supremacy, misogynists, homosexual dread-mongers, and climate change denialists are found trapped in their one trick pony voting booth myopia.

Yes, good old E.D. allows a low information voter to go full head in the sand. Still here we all are, and we are in this together, and not just together, but with the world’s population rocketing ever higher there’s a lot of us piling up in one cohort of voters or another.  

Our current occupant in the Oval has been dismantling our government before our very eyes while doing everything he can to overthrow our systems of checks and balances, so he may appoint himself President for life. Yeah, that guy.

Oligarchs Suck

Seeing as I would prefer not to find myself locked in a cage for being an artist. Believing that our Attorney General seems to be showing severe authoritarian sympathizing symptoms. Spines and backbones have been removed from all Republican Senators at the same instant they suffer paralysis of their vocal cords. I’ve never seen a more silent group of blabbermouths arriving at the same place in history at the same time. Basically this is the intersection where the party crackup is so severe it renders itself utterly unredeemable.

You see I’m beginning to think if we are in an authentic global emergency, that if there is a raging pandemic, increasing signs of civilization ending climate change, raging income inequality, systemic racism and not just a tent city but a whole living in your tent megalopolis about to explode on the scene then I think all of us may want to reconsider how and who we vote for this November.

Climate Emergency Panoramic

Without inventing one new technology we already have everything we need to defeat climate change. A few tweaks to the tax code and income inequality is fixed. Demanding our cops not blow holes into Black Americans doesn’t seem too much to expect. Affordable housing, a living wage and universal access to health care are all within reach. Next year we are going to be in the biggest pornographic pickle without condoms corner our economy has faced since the 1930’s.

Civilization Celebrates Survival

Here’s my advice to our next President. Put millions to work deploying an energy system for the 21st Century. Wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, and heat pumps need to be stood up to replace our antiquated 19th Century fossil fuel energy system. If we made it a moonshot, go full ‘fly me to the moon let us all swing among the stars’ we can expect our economy to recover, citizens to have good paying jobs and our one precious earth to survive Putin’s puppet and everything has to be made in China or we sure as hell won’t want to buy it.

I know, I know I’ve given you a lot to think through, but dang you know I’m not really sure I want to do the full Nazi’s in America thing. In fact I know if we dump democracy we can expect banana futures to skyrocket, Molotov cocktails for happy hour, and some of the least desirable grifters from Kansas all going to Washington seeking work in voter suppression.

So, pay the hell attention and if vote for a candidate be sure as all hell, he or she isn’t a Nazi sympathizing Putin puppet. You want a few names? Sure, Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, and Devin Nunes from Fresno. Want more names? Try Donald J Trump, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn. This isn’t hard people; this is a no-brainer… Our republic stands at the brink and your 401k isn’t even going to afford you an empty grocery bag if you muff this one.


I’ll Drink to That, and one for Mahler!

One day we’ll all take our masks off, get plowed at the local pub, and remember how close we’ve come to destroying everything we have held as precious and sacred.

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Patricia Puskarich
Patricia Puskarich
3 years ago

Dana doesn’t stutter in this piece, does he?  I could add a couple of more people & problems 2 his litany.  Well done.

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 10:05 AM, jennie madrigal wrote: Thanks Dana.  Glad to know how you really feel. 🙂

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Dana Smith
3 years ago

Patricia I was a bit full of it yesterday. I do know a fascist from a Nazi and well because of the bizarre ICE report of involuntary uterus invasive surgeries I’m sorry but we need to speak clearly. Our voting this diseased politics is job one! We can discuss the progressive agenda after we take back our democracy

Patricia Puskarich
Patricia Puskarich
3 years ago

To use an auto metaphor, u r perking on all 8, Dana! U forgot AG William Barr on ur list. I am also outraged by the rape of the USPS in an effort 2 interrupt ballots & voting!

jennie madrigal
jennie madrigal
3 years ago

Thanks Dana. Glad to know how you really feel. 🙂

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