Looking for a few ears

Motorcycle Racing Champion and the Circus Arts Aerialist

Women of the Oak Savannahs

I’m still thinking this scene may represent some of the best writing I have ever done. There you go. Just my opinion. I wouldn’t mind finding out what other listeners think. If you do spend time with these two characters, Buzz Jackson and Joann Triche drop me a note let me know how the scene works for you.

3 thoughts on “Looking for a few ears”

  1. I really enjoyed that audio snippet. Sucked me in with believability and held me with good metaphors, descriptions and progressing storyline. I’m impressed. “We’re in each others’ lost and found.” Loved that.

    1. Thank you Mr. Rhys Thomas
      I’m in pause mode but will continue to record. I work standing up, as in any performance you do your best work on your feet, moving with the characters, trying to meet the moment. And with the pandemic in full on recording is safe. I appreciate your generosity my friend. Best

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