The Western Writer

I prepare for Australia. It is looming. Like all of us born in California my life is full and not one more thing may be added now. Still, I am unsettled from another clever interview with an author who grew up in Idaho and describes herself as a “western writer”. We may all say where […]

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All About Bankrupt Heart

Bankrupt Heart A Novel by Dana Smith  Bankrupt Heart explores the journey a man begins under some duress when his life on one fateful day vanishes. But wait! This is only where the story begins. Victoria, Ry’s long term life partner, a composer-pianist on tour in London is not only not coming back, but is […]

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Children at the Brink

I was running with the wind again. Headed north with Lacey riding shotgun. We had dinner in Ashland Saturday night. Sunday stopped in Eugene for breakfast. I’d been the producer of the street performing program at the Eugene Celebration for a bunch of years. Downtown Eugene has gone from bad to worse in the last […]

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Eternity Ringing in my Ears

My 1967 Ford pickup truck was home. It took some practice to get the kinks out. Simplicity was the key. When I got the truck it had a V-8 and when I finished it had an inline 6 cylinder 240 cubic inch motor. Matched weighted forged pistons, steel timing gears, special camshaft profile, roller rockers, […]

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Hand in Glove

Handsome, a physical specimen, educated with grace and manners but are we capable as California/artist/performer/author of being debonair? Is our style too casual, too wash and wear, with silk and linen missing from our closet? The Bordeaux is one continent and one ocean removed. We go to the Napa Valley. It is all so downscale. […]

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Yes, I’m the Great Pretender

Who are you kidding? Delusion abounds in this the age of information. We are deluded and misdirected in this ever increasingly complex civilization we have been born into. I try to understand economics. I read about the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. I listen to commentary on the radio. One friend is angry at labor unions. […]

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Testosterone is King… King of Dreams

Testosterone gathered for coffee at an outdoor café. There were four of us. One married, another cohabitating, another just back from the frontlines of new love, and a fourth sidelined for the moment. It was a good afternoon for testosterone. Each carrier of this potent point of view gave their individualized perspective of how they […]

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Big Bad Boats

  Rocket Science a mini-monster from the Cook Islands. This is 50 feet, water ballasted, twin ruddered, carbon fibered, wickedly fast boat with a 13 foot draft!!!! I stepped aboard a monster Sunday. The beast tethered to a dock. Sixty-five feet of ocean going, purpose built, go anywhere, under any conditions sailboat. The beast had […]

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Really Loving You Now

Into the breech of our life comes the sight of the other we might chance to love. It comes out of the blue. They enter the room and you look and it’s decided right then. Not for all of us. Some of us sneak up on it. We go to school with them, work with […]

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