Ain’t Changing Nothin’

The Certitude of Things Changing Whether You Like it or Not!

So, it is to be mused upon, laugh hard mate, that change is what it is, and things remaining the same is as probable as your discovery of immortality. Best freeze some sperm, put away an egg, cross your fingers and hope. Observe these things from afar. Don’t bring change too close to heart. It will not be a happy marriage. Yes, there are happily married couples, but they observe in their relationship a mutable code, a transfixation on being pliable, to being more open than closed. When Tioga Pass closes for the winter after snow falls and blocks the road the opening of that road comes by natures work, a springtime, a warming, a snowmelt, and finally a road opens. Still, I am a road dog, I run the highways, have diverted to Reno, bent south on 395 and run that long road past Yosemite…and found another way to get to the same place.

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