Scenes from a Changed Way of Life

Southern Pacific Rail Ferry Terminal San Francisco

In San Francisco just south of the ballpark stands this artifact from the cities past. Here is where railway cars were loaded for transit across the bay. The Bay View Boat Club sits on the bank adjacent to this pier. Along the waterfront are a wide range of now obsolete wharfs, piers, and docks. I haven’t paid much attention to all the elbowing and jostling that has gone on between the controlling authorities responsible for maintaining what exists or planning to replace parts that might then be used for new purposes. Naturally planning ends up tied up in knots and nothing gets done. With the arrival of the America’s Cup that is all about to change.


Bankrupt Heart         The Novel

“If you hung out with Philippe and Finn, listened to
their banter, it was hard not to want to be part of their club. These were
predilections feted as certitudes. These were matters of manhood. You had to
have courage, conviction of character. A wood boat in the hands of the wrong man
could set a life back. Ry knew that. Wood was impermanent, in flux. The
endeavor was rife with uncertainty. Ownership required untold sums of money and
time, chunks of time that a man does not have, vast sums of it, spanning not
wristwatches, but rather calendars.”



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