People Who Change Us

Early Morning Serenity

The changes in the lagoons and estuaries of Redwood Citystir the mood. The breathless still air of morning brings tranquility. The near afternoon gales that strafe through here bring tension. My 36 foot sloop was pressed against the visitors dock by the late afternoon prevailing winds. I had to use additional lines to secure her against the afternoon tirade. The south bay has never been a destination noted for its beauty, although beauty is here. In years of old I kept my old trusted Pearson Ensign moored in Redwood City. A brilliant inventor friend lived aboard a monster sized catamaran alone off in one remote channel surrounding his life in Pickleweed, terns, and solitude. He was the second He installed a pair of diesels in the thing, built a steering system of his own invention, and enjoyed a desperate, passionate, visionary life of an illegal immigrant from London.
The Coast Guard moved him on and he began vagabonding from anchorage to anchorage with his beast of a vessel. He tried the Delta, small bay off the shallows of Berkeley. I finally saw what was left of his fine work towed and careened and ready for destruction at the shipyards near The Ramp. I think immigration caught up with his dreams and changed the course of his life in the deal. I miss Jim. He did the impossible again and again. He had a way of forcing you to believe in yourself, that you could do it, that if he could overcome the odds why anyone could. At least for a while…

Bankrupt Heart                         The Second Novel 

“Finn possesses such character. I know your friend well. I think the loon loves his
boats more than he loves his women.” The man began to walk down the dock.

“You do know Finn,” Ry finished his thought.

“Right about now I’d say there’s a woman trying to change his mind about that.”

“God bless the woman for trying. We should all be so lucky.”



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