The Plot Changes

Out with the Old

This is what it looks like when an author finishes his latest project. You take the plot off the wall to make room for the next one… I’m tinkering with a comedy. The working title is Hot Spring Honeymoon. I’ll spend the next months drafting character profiles, creating plot lines, subplots, beginnings and ending’s, until I’ve got an outline I have enough confidence in to devote a year or more drafting.

Bankrupt Heart     A Second Novel

“Don’t tell me what I want isn’t possible, that
I can’t have that… Don’t you ever open your eyes and see something besides your
own world? I wanted it to be you, I wanted you, I wanted it to work, I wanted
it more than anything else I could possibly imagine wanting, but it didn’t work
out that way. I’ve had to try and float my own soul’s hopes, and dream dreams
that no longer drown me…”

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Steve Aveson
Steve Aveson
12 years ago

Reading your second book was a joy. Sharing the occasional chapter with friends was
a pleasure and brought a range of positive feedback.

More detailed praise to come!