Least Change on a Wing Called Tern

Sea Change

Come this way, down thispath, through the dune grass, to the edge of the shore, where we can bare our souls to the wind, the waves, the sun. And then from the edge of this island, where sand meet the breakers, we sit and we wonder, without book, without care, no bugs to bug, no heat too hot, no time need be saved. Nantucket on her south shore where what we want to find is found, and what needs to change by dent of one day then two and finally five days of food, sleep, walks and friends we bend our ear and listen to the voices smothered by that whirling world not so near this peaceful place.

Bankrupt Heart                                  The Novel

Dawn was pristine. The air crisp, clean, the sky empty, the sea was true,
chasmal…blue. No chop on the water, no cloud in the sky. Limantour Beach
was alone, still, breathless. Not another soul had set foot here this morning,
but for Ry and Finn. It was the first day, the New Year. They walked barefoot
in the sand at the surfs edge acquainting their thoughts to the booze soaked
resolutions they’d taken the night before. The least waves arrived, the Pacific
was in repose between storms, the surfs soundtrack was a languid slow curling
muffled splashing that reverberated up and down the beach.

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