Change Crashes into the Denial Puppet

When a House was Still a Man's Castle

There are no easy answers, but there are text book responses to some of our current problems. Climate change denial spews from the mouths of many a politician receiving funding from various Big Oil and Gas corporations. Curious how these brilliant minds seem to see something that an entire globe of scientists do not see. Pour more money into their campaigns and they see less and less human caused climate change. How much climate change would they see if we poured money from the other bucket into their mouths? I can think for myself thank you very much. Turns out that globalization has been VERY GOOD for multi-national corporations while being VERY BAD for the little guy. Globalization is a complex issue. We can see the linkages, we can observe some of the consequences, but with so much smoke and mirrors fogging the playing field we are having a very difficult time understanding what is happening to the world’s economy. I believe in narrative, in telling a story, one that is elegant, simple and that can be understood. We change the story to fit our master’s wishes and not her servants. And this comes back to doing what we know is right, it is why we have universities, why we have scholarship, why there is a difference between what a scholar at UC Berkeley thinks and some hack intellectual who is drinking the kool aid at the Heritage Foundation. Our great misfortune now is that a small group of misguided minds have decided that their interests trump the best interests of the common good. That what we have here is like it or not the next shoe to drop in the global economic evolution. It means some people are going to get hurt here. There are always winners and losers in capitalism. Really… I have heard the good policy prescriptions and yet I have heard the objections to those prescriptions coming out of the same mouths that deny global climate change. The systemic tilting of the playing field is the big thumb of big money pressing down on the scale of best practices. We don’t do what we know is the best way forward we do what is best for a small number of huge corporations. If you haven’t heard their voices loud enough or clear enough you haven’t been listening to Rick Perry. Now, this is denial on steroids masquerading as the common man. Where do we go from here? We need a real plan based on reality not denial.

Bankrupt Heart                                The Novel

“I’m on the road. I have a weakness for games, I like golf. I’m the one
who picks up the kids after school.” The extra fine dark gray merino wool
suited executive set his elbow on the desk twirling his wedding band around his
finger with his thumb. He was cocksure.

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