The Unintended Mood Altering Political Disaster

S. Philip Morgan and his colleagues have identified an interestingly complex effect, after Obama’s election in 2008, Republicans became more pessimistic about the economic future while Democrats remained more optimistic; that optimism or pessimism influenced decisions to have children – to the advantage of blue states.

Claude Fisher, Professor of Sociology U.C. Berkeley

Dana and doug


The Red State Blow Back Rag

Well, put that in your pipe and smoke it! I hadn’t considered the effect pessimism would have on red state sex lives. I believe it was the loony Patrick Buchanan that pointed toward this impending disaster. But, if I recall it was his certitude regarding the migratory wave from our southern borders that was going to dilute the conservatives influence over government. After all it was this migratory influx with all that Latin sizzle on the dance floors and between the sheets that would lead to spectacular outcomes regarding birthrates. Conservatives just didn’t move as seductively either on the dance floor or in the bedroom. And with regard to the increase in economic inequality there is now a demographic effect being foisted upon the ever decreasing right winged part of our country! And so perhaps best to consider where our patriotic duty ought to be placed. I am an advocate for win-win outcomes. How about this? Blue state progressives think there are just too dang many people on the planet to begin with, while red state conservatives just can’t get motivated in the sack. So! Let’s just agree that for the moment these mutually opposite forces hold each side in balance. If this doesn’t work we’ll send waves of bad news to the blue states to dispirit the left while sending waves of good news to the red states to lift their spirits and just like that we’ll be right back to what American’s have turned out to be spectacularly good at… stalemate! The best we can do is nothing, and nothing is the nightmare known as an infinite regression. If there is even a kernel of truth to any of this it is time for us to go to the mirror look into your soul and laugh and cry.


The saddest part was he didn’t much care about the size of his bank account. It turned out not to be the reason for his happiness. Worse yet Bambalina noticed he wasn’t even bothering to shower. There was no need, he wasn’t going into town and none of his women were driving up to spend the night. He wasn’t even getting drunk. He didn’t even have enough sadness to do that.


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