They are Watching

But that seems not to be what the government wants. It wants to collect all data and it wants to process all that data. But for what purpose? After at least seven years and likely billions spend on the program one really wonders what this is about. Only two or three cases of successful terrorism have occurred in those years. Many other case went to court but all of those were of some dimwits entrapped by the FBI or caught otherwise. There is not one case I am aware of that can somehow be connected to the NSA’s massive data hunt.


                                                 Moon over Alabama (Where barflies get together)

Look closely




Looking into the Worst Part of Ourselves (peek-a-boo… I C  U))))………


So, at a basic level it all comes down to how do we monitor our world and who do we trust to do the monitoring? Eventually, sooner or later, an individual actor will step over the line, it could be the foreign enemy or it could be one of us. Check and mate…

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