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So, that’s my sloppy theory about why labor’s share of national income has been declining worldwide. I have no idea what would turn it around, other than an ever-deepening economic crisis that leads to organizing of that sort that greatly empowers labor, seriously threatens economic elites, and restores labor’s bargaining power. Until then, I’m afraid, things are likely to get worse before they get better.

Kathleen Geier Washington Monthly Political Animal


Bishop Pine


Labor’s Fair Share

I keep casting about for a capitalism that offers a deal that is fair and square. We know that free trade agreements have allowed for arbitrage. That pollution, wages and regulation have been part of the negotiations, but that the negotiators have been between nation-state agencies and corporate interest groups who are much less concerned with these issues. Now we come to this super cycle, this relentless decade after decade decline in labor being cut out of the deal rather than kept in as part of a healthy whole. And so here we are! Without a robust effort to maintain policy that strengthens labors role, without a robust mission to strengthen the social welfare mechanisms that buffer the harshness of the business cycle, democracies are made more fragile when tough times arrive. And so they have. A countries stability is vital to all of its citizens welfare. The more powerful must restrain their impulses to not share the profits with the less powerful. There is simply too much at risk, too much to lose, too much harm to be unleashed.  From John Maynard Keynes: “Nothing corrupts society more than to disconnect effort and reward.”



“You started picking yet?” Gretel asked pulling Keefe up to his feet.

“Yes I have, was up the mountain with Bero, he organized a crew,”

“How’d it go?”

“Did real good, hauled two truckloads off that mountain.”

“So, what’s that mean?”

“Means folk here are going to have the means to make a good life right here. Going to change their lives for the better instead of having worked all day and not have a thing to show for it.”

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