The Utter Uselessness of Failure Now Four Decades in the Making



A World That Stepped In It…

The fiction writer forms an economic point of view and then sets his characters into action within the world he has created. I found the link about Thatcher’s utter focus on moving as much from the public sector to the private sector of interest.

Then, I read this, about the commons. I am trying to do my research, think deeply about matters of consequence to community, and then write from an informed point of view about the fictional community I am creating.

Coming up with a humanitarian reason for divesting of parks, libraries, highways, water systems and placing these into the enterprise of the public holdings of corporations has reached a point where it is clear to me that we have gone too far.

The whole idea of shrinking the government by having hired private sector corporations take over what was essentially a nation states task is becoming quite clearly more often than not, and more often than not by a lot a failure of what is awkwardly described as the neoliberal economic  theory. More or less it means making an enterprise of everything, absolutely trusting bankers to always do the right thing (how’s that working out?) and other ever more risky private sector bets with our public treasure.

So, first principles of a fiction writer? Don’t step in the stupid sh…. (this is a family friendly operation here mates)

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