Tree Hugging Sailing Home of the Solar Electric Fuel Cell Powered Future

Unsurprisingly, they support the policies that allow them to do this: things like low taxes, risky speculation, sky-high executive pay, and pulling investment out of education and infrastructure. What happens to our economy in the long-term is not really their concern. There’s a motto on Wall Street: “I.B.G.-Y.B.G.” or “I’ll Be Gone, You’ll Be Gone.” As long as you’re making money right now, what happens tomorrow is not your problem.

Lynn Parramore   The Depressing Tale of How Greedy Financial Titans Crushed Innovation and Destroyed Our Economy

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This is not what a modern grid is supposed to look like…



My wife and I installed 33 photovoltaic solar energy panels on the roof of our home. Our electric bill went to zero.

In 1993 I volunteered to help build a straw bale house in Rim Rock, Arizona. The properties water source was a well powered by a specially designed solar powered pump that lifted water to a holding tank where gravity then delivered the requisite 30 psi flow at the sinks nozzle. A warm shower was flash heated with a propane heater. While the straw bales performance during the winter was stellar summers were not as cool as had been hoped for.

An earthship (rammed earth construction) up in Durango, Colorado was an all-around better performer than a straw bale, but the labor involved in building one compared to the other was significant.

A new race to Hawaii in sailboats of 21 feet in length has just completed their inaugural race. Most of these mini 6.50 sailboats use fuel cell technology to power their electronics while sailing offshore. Think suitcase sized device that is nearly silent in operation creating all the electricity you will need for this voyage. Better still you will still have enough fuel to make three more trips on just this one canister of liquid propane gas.

Smart grids, electric vehicles, wind turbines, increased energy efficiency of homes, the build out of additional mass transit systems in our worlds cities and we’re well on our way to right action.

Fukushima is an unmanageable disaster and we are far from out of the woods. Radiation levels spiked in the last few weeks and if things really went nuts most of the Northern hemisphere could be threatened by the uncontrolled release of radioactive materials.

Legacy technologies continue to block the development of new technologies. Big oil and lobbyists stifle innovation. Fortunately the cost of solar panels continues to plummet and by the end of next year will be the cheapest method of making electricity in the world. We figure a means of storing the suns energy for nighttime use, think massive lithium batteries the size of railroad box cars strategically distributed on our power grid and you can soon see what our future is going to look like.

We’ve got millions of people looking for work. A robust ramping up and deployment of alternative energy technologies across the country ought to be right at the top of our list of things we should be doing.

Are you a climate denying capitalist or a tree hugging environmentalist? Profits now at the expense of our future, or are you for finding the means forward that leaves those who will follow us a chance to enjoy their journey into this place called earth.




Snapping Turtle After a Little Egg Laying in Philadelphia…

Hot Spring Honeymoon

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Gretel said, “A man is many things, but one sure thing a man can be is driven clear out of their mind over the thought of losing the one true thing that they care about most.”

“But, what we did won’t last forever,”

“Of course not, you know that, I know that, but a man doesn’t know that,”

“Look at me, I’m a mess, I think I’m so clever, put the ultimatum to Fletcher McCrea, end up in bed with the town’s most evil outsider ever to come to this place, and instead of getting a bunch of pictures we could use to save our little town, I end up falling for a man whose about to do something I could never ever forgive him for.”

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