My Beautiful Life


What a week. Monday celebrated my wedding anniversary with my wife. She was in LA, I was in Emeryville, California when for all of perhaps 2 minutes and then this happened.

We are in Palos Verdes together today. Good for us. Planning on some whale watching from lookout nearby.

Trip south down the interstate between SF and LA the drought for the moment does not look so severe. But, unlike some of our problems that we CAN do something about if it doesn’t start raining and it turns out that we really do run out of water next year? We’ll find out who has dominion over this earth… man or mother nature.

Obamacare has spurred thousands of small startups! Jobs, jobs, jobs… of all the rotten talking points luck. Where are the jobs? Evidently they are in health care!

This morning I read that Iran thinks there is a deal to be had. This is good news as the options for no deal is a military confrontation. And a quick summary of our successes in military adventures? Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria… am I missing something? Hope springs eternal for some of our more stubborn armchair warriors.

If you are seated with me here in California you might have noticed that we had an summer like winter of a kind I’ve never experienced. Lovely but haunting.

The Prez moved on more EPA regulations this week. Good. I enjoyed a drone view of the Musk’s Gigafactory. Fortunately high up in Reno he won’t have to worry about coastal inundation from the melting Antarctica ice sheets.

This is what passes for life here. Climate change, drought, sea level rise, no place to store all that oil we’ve been drilling, nary a peep about the Keystone XL Pipeline, and they found the nuclear material in Fukushima wadded up in a ball at the bottom of the containment vessel…

I’m on my way via the Prius to Patagonia, Arizona for a Vaudeville Show and some birding along Sonoita Creek. All of these contradictions, all of this chaos, and joys and sorrows… I just kind of sense our priorities are all aligning.

A big shout out to the magical world for Monday’s rainbow. Now that is the mystery of hope…

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