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                  The Dangerous and the Uninformed…

What did I learn today? I learned that Gila Bend is about the same as ever. There is a new power generation facility nearby. Natural gas is my guess. Looked decidedly last century.

Rolled out of Cathedral City where the night was spent visiting the brains of the operation. My editor is enjoying the splendor of a blooming spring.

Ted Cruz pissed off my Governor Jerry Brown. I tweeted out an interesting piece on how to treat a politician that pretends that climate change science is still not settled.

Bottom line is that you can no longer report this as a mere position that the politician has taken.

The point of the matter is that in a fact based world we need to know that the individual has elected to run for office on a fact free basis.

Free they may be to say whatever they want but a journalist is not free to ignore overwhelming consensus. They have a duty to point out that the politician is taking a position contrary to the facts.

We can’t have an executive in the White House unshackled from reality. He has to have his head on his shoulders. He may not want to set policy to do anything about climate change, but he has to be honest with his constituents.

Then we can have the debate on the merits rather than on the confusion.

The press is much to blame for this muddle. Get with it kids. Jerry Brown’s making you all look lazy of frightened or both.

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8 years ago

Excellent post. Thank you.