The Revolution Waits While We Barbecue


         Call Me Sentimental… Call it Irresponsible

Looks like China is dumping the coal burners in favor of the natural gas burners. Spotted some natural gassers in Gila Bend yesterday. As mentioned THEY ALL looked so last century.

This is a two for one. China does a little greenhouse gas remediation and they stop choking their citizens to death on the particulates and toxins coal shoots into the air.

Meanwhile Japan has decided to ring their island with a tidal wave wall. Then, they can get back to using all the nuclear power they want.

California isn’t resting upon its laurels. Desalination water plants are going up along the coast from Carlsbad to San Francisco. We already have some of the world’s most expensive real estate and now we’ll have the world’s most expensive water to go with it.

Ski resorts are closing in California. For the season. One is left to wonder if this extended season might run a decade or two?

Scientists, those pesky people who go find facts and then report them. Put your hands in your ears my friends. You will not like their new facts unless you take a particular pleasure in pretending they are liars.

So, they are measuring a slowing of currents that run from the Southern Atlantic up to the Northern Atlantic. This slowing they say is not a good thing for earth or in particular the east coast of the United States.

The Federal Reserve asked HSBC, a lovely banking institution if ever there was one, to submit a living will, a plan in the event that they get into trouble detailing how they would liquidate and break themselves up into little purchasable pieces. Naturally they totally failed this rather minor exercise in preparation for a major mess.

Then, to make it even more exciting the clown car pulls up with some joker born in Canada deciding that he has got what it takes to take America back to the glory days. For the love of boat tailed Riviera’s. Please, please, please… I’m stealing James Brown now… but am I the only sentient being that is feeling that it just isn’t fair to have a pair of Texas Yahoo’s scaring the bejeezus out of us….

Southward now to Patagonia, Arizona. Tomorrow night a Vaudeville Show for that fine town. Tonight a barbecue at the historic Oak Bar Ranch… A relic built by big oil and left as the scene for a cookout for a wild band of variety show acts. There is a God. I know it.

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