Left Where it Belongs


                                      Life is an Adventure

There is wonder in this world. Being with well educated family and friends in Playa del Carmen is one of those wonders.

The people coming up are the replacement parts to those on the other side of the journey. They can see. It is as plain as day. Climate change, environmental destruction, drought, species extinctions, and overpopulation.

Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter… capitalism that’s stuck their generation with student loan debt. A war machine that seems to win all the battles while losing every single war since the end of the last great one.

Fast talking tap dancing radio talk show hosts have been muted. The delete button pressed. Poof… gone…

Here in Mexico two of the pictured above head next to the Blue Hole in Belize to scuba dive the wonder of it all. The two others down to the Mayan ruins in Tulum and Coba. Nobody need tell them. They know. Everything has its time here, does its dance, and then vanishes into the pages of history.

The sneering idiot at Exxon. His royal pain in his CEO’ness… well, isn’t he a piece of work. Claims the reason they don’t invest in renewable energy is that Exxon doesn’t make losing bets. Get it? Renewables are losers.

The International Monetary Fund has come out with a doozy of a report the last few weeks. Estimating how much carbon will need to be left in the ground the future of coal, gas and oil extraction is dim indeed.

And it isn’t like they can stop it. The price of energy stops it. Solar, wind, and battery storage technologies are improving rapidly. By 2025 the game will be up. By 2030 forget about it.

The International Monetary Fund evaluated the worldwide subsidies, tax credits and other incentives carbon fuel industries enjoy and it adds up to nearly 10% of the worlds total output for goods and services per year.

I’m popping popcorn in my solar oven as we speak. I’ve got a front row seat. Once they stop struggling and accept the fact that carbon based energy is so last century we can get on with the work at hand.

I want to thank all the oil companies and coal mining companies for everything they’ve done to help us get to where we are today. Some of what has happened has been all to the good. And I’d like to kick them in the butt for all the oil spills, respiratory disease, death and environmental destruction they have wreaked upon humanity too.

The world is in a huge human made mess. We’ve got no more time to waste. The young ones know it even if the old wants stubbornly resist admitting it. Some of us have no future while the four young adults photographed at the top of this posting want a better one.

This is a generational handoff. You obstructionists and amoral greed is good capitalists just get yourself prepared for wholesome and skillful change.

Welcome to the new world. We’ll have renewable energy dominating the next century. Women’s rights including health care services and free birth control available in every country of the world. We’ll start building schools, water systems, and other vital infrastructure in underdeveloped countries instead of pissing away a fortune on bombs and bullets. And yes all of this will be funded by doing what we had long done in the past… taxing wealth, educating our citizens, and reclaiming our democracy.

We simply can’t afford to play the other game. Our children know that our current neoliberal economic system will kill us all. Now that’s change I can believe in…

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8 years ago

Here Here Dana! I’m betting on renewable energy. You’ve past by the solar farm in New Mexico? Might be Arizona… Awesome thing to see today!
I have a little capitalist in me and something to own and option is Nasdaq: JKS . The predictors of fortunes said so. Worth a look

Best to you Dana