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Highway to the Belly of the Feast

Self Portrait

Starvation in the Arts District

Miracle of miracles we hop over to the Magical Castle last night to hang with the dexterously gifted slight of hand bright of mind Shawn Eric. Much feared Highway 101 wasn’t all parking lot impressions, stalling for time, hindering our progress living up to its much deserved reputation. From the Arts District to the Castle and back was mercifully quick.

We were sure to finish our supper before 7 and wouldn’t eat another thing until at the earliest 8 today. We’re allowing for the long gaps as a means to shock our regenerative cellular system. Virtuous hunger game’s is basically all you need or want to know.

Experimental from scratch batter has been the project. Equal parts brown rice and coconut flour, a minuscule dollop of buckwheat flour, equal parts baking soda and creme of tartar to make non-aluminum based baking powder, teaspoon of olive oil, almond milk added until batter is thinner and not thick. Topped with blueberries and least amount of maple syrup.

The idea here creating a breakfast cake that will not maim or kill. Oatmeal had been my only alternative and going steady with oatmeal as you well know is no cakewalk. Yogurt and the bovinian clan had to be excised from list of approved eatable substances.

A bowl of fruit, a cake or two with the least amount of preserves, cup of coffee is now the second arrow in my breakfast quiver.

Stuck in traffic, starvation by tyranny of impending blood panel testing, exercise bike sessions exceeding all previous levels of effort have combined to make existence look like a Launchpad with escape velocity from the terror of the modern American food chain the goal.

No more genetically modified organisms and that includes everything ringing our nations capital. We are playing old records on a turntable, using incandescent light bulbs, and if it goes in our mouth it’s made of fresh-whole-plant based- and is commonly referred to as food. This is what happens to a life not stuck on a LA freeway. I know what your thinking- what’s for lunch?



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